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Semi - Precious Cabochon/Beads / Jadeite

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Necklaces Jadeite BC

Mohs Hardness: 6.5-7 
Specific Gravity:
3.30 - 3.38 
Reflective Index:

Jadeite is a member of the pyroxene group of minerals, and nephrite,
a mineral related to actinolite and tremolite.  Pyroxene jade consists
 wholly or largely of microscopic, crystalline, commonly "blocky" 
grains of jadeite. The size and arrangement of the grains appears to 
account for the unusual toughness of this jade and also its relatively
common grainy or "dimpled" appearance, which is evident when fractured
surfaces are viewed with a handlens or simple microscope. 

Some jadeitic jade -- e.g. that from the famous Myanmar (formerly Burma
) localities -- contains noteworthy amounts of other minerals such as 
acmite, actinolite, albite, analcime, edenite, diopside, enstatite, 
kosmochlor, muscovite, natrolite, nepheline, prehnite, richterite, 
tremolite and wollastonite. Geologists, in particular, refer to these 
impure jades by special names -- e.g., those with noteworthy amounts of
diopside and/or acmite, which are typically dark green or nearly black,
are often termed chloromelanite. Jadeite: H. 6?- 7 (typically  slightly 
harder than nephrite); S.G. 3.3-3.5; many jade boulders have reddish, 
yellowish, orangy or brownish rinds.

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