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 Semi - Precious Cabochon/Beads / Arizona Turquoise

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Arizona Turquoise

Mohs Hardness: 5-6 
Specific Gravity:
Reflective Index:
December Bithstone:

Some say that in the thirteenth century, Turquoise was named in the mistaken belief that it came from Turkey. Others say that the name comes from the Persian word for Turquoise, firouze, since Persia has been a major source of this gemstone for thousands of years. In any case, the blue of this gemstone is so vivid and distinct that it has given its name to the color. 

Turquoise is formed by the action of percolating groundwater in aluminous rocks where copper is present, as in the vicinity of copper deposits. 

In general the bluer the blue, the more highly valued. A clean, even texture without mottling or veins is also preferred, however some people like their Turquoise with veins, or "spider webs", which sets off the color. It is  December's birthstone and a traditional gift for an 11th anniversary. 

Treatment: Commonly stabilized with paraffin wax or resin; sometimes dyed (Amulet sells undyed Turquoise with no chemical additives) 

Lore Turquoise has been a treasured gemstone around the world for thousands of years. It was used for beads by the Egyptians as early as 5500 BC. In many cultures, Turquoise is regarded as a harbinger of good fortune, success and health. Aztecs and Egyptians considered it a symbol of prosperity. In India, one was to wear a Turquoise on the little finger and look at the gem after seeing the new moon to gain great wealth. According to American Indians, the stone brought together the spirits of sea and sky to 
bless warriors and hunters; a Turquoise arrowhead assured accurate aim. A Navajo belief is that a piece of Turquoise cast into a river will cause rainfall. Ancient doctors exploited the stone's medicinal potential by making it into  paste to treat ailments of the hip. The Egyptians also mounted Turquoise in Silver to treat eyes suffering from cataracts.@

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